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8 Responses to The Belly: A Progression

  1. Tiffany says:

    Too funny- I have the same post scheduled to post tomorrow after I add my last pic from today!! :)

  2. Nicole-Lynn says:

    You’re adorable preggers! Look at that glow :)

  3. Vanessa says:

    soooo cute! and amazing to see the progression! you are beautiful!

  4. nikinikinine says:

    Heather, love the progression! You still look great. And I have to know, where did you do all of your shopping while KU? I am running out of patience and options, but you always looked adorable :)

  5. Heather says:

    Thanks, all! :)

    @Niki–Honestly, looking back through my pics, a lot of that stuff is not even maternity. (Well, pants have been maternity for a while, but I was able to get away with normal shirts for a long time.) I was able to repurpose a good chunk of my existing wardrobe until recent weeks, when it was clear those days were done! (Mainly, shirts that I had been able to pull off before had suddenly become WAY too short.)

    But for the maternity stuff I *did* buy, I got it from a variety of places–Old Navy, Gap, Kohls, Sears, H&M, Motherhood, and Target. Maybe I should go back through this post and include info about where each of my outfits are from, because it seems everyone is always on the hunt for good maternity clothes! :)

    I somehow survived with just two pairs of work pants–one black and one khaki. I’ve worn the black ones a LOT, and they were cheap from Kohls. Since a lot of my pregnancy was through the spring/summer, I was able to supplement with skirts/dresses (most non-maternity). Otherwise, I tried to vary the tops more than the bottoms. But now that I’m at the end, I’m definitely feeling more limited.

    I feel your pain, my friend! And I’m sure it’s more challenging with twins on the way. The only thing I can say is keep trying–I had to exchange (by mail, which is a PITA) things from Old Navy several times before I finally had a decent collection of items from them.

  6. If that’s not a boy in there I will be shocked!

    I made the dino cake this weekend and it came out great for my son’s first birthday party! The only thing is, it was so hot that by the time the party came around the head started to droop a bit. All in all, very pleased :)

  7. Mrs.Laker says:

    You look so adorable!! In all of the pictures!:)

  8. nikinikinine says:

    Heather, thanks :) I just ordered some more stuff. By the time this is over I will have paid for two maternity wardrobes, one in shipping fees and one in clothes I can actually wear! It is definitely interesting with twins, ha! I am already up 20 pounds at 20 weeks. If I was with a singleton I’d be closer to 30 weeks right now (which would make a lot more sense!) I have a few things I can get into from my pre-pg days, but mostly it’s all packed up.

    I have been ordering cute shirts a size too big from JCrew though thinking that while they may only fit for a few weeks right now, I will be able to wear them PP in the winter months and still feel human even if something under the shirt isn’t looking quite right.

    GL, I hope this is your week to have a baby! I’m cheering you on!!!

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