Maybe you already cloth diaper. Maybe you’re interested in trying it. Or maybe you’re not into it at all.

Any which way you lean, don’t discard this post! There is something for everyone; I promise.

I jumped into cloth diapering not really knowing how it would work out. I hoped we could do it, I was determined to do it, but I just wasn’t sure. When I started to do all of my research and was ready to buy, one of the online stores I chose to buy from was Abby’s Lane. And for every cloth diaper purchase I’ve made since building our initial stash, I’ve gone back to Abby’s Lane.

Things I love:
1. Abby’s Lane offers free shipping on every order, every day. There is no minimum purchase requirement. Want to try out ONE cloth diaper? Go ahead and buy just one; you won’t pay for shipping. I love that, because I absolutely loathe paying for shipping.

2. If you’re a member of their e-mail list, there is always a 5% off coupon code to use on every order (except for Ergo Baby products). While 5% may not seem like a lot, it is more than most cloth diaper retailers offer, and of course, every little bit of savings adds up!

3. Fast order turnaround and shipping. Most of the time, I receive my orders within several days of placing them. Even with the holiday last week, and the fact that the people at Abby’s Lane were bombarded with Black Friday orders come Friday–I placed an order late on Tuesday night, it shipped on Friday, and I received it today. I love that, because when I order something, I want it yesterday. :)

4. Great customer service. One time, I placed an order for a couple different kinds of pocket diapers in different colors. As it turned out, the inventory on their website was off a little bit, and one of the colors I had ordered was out of stock. Stephanie (the owner) e-mailed me right away to apologize and let me know that it was out of stock, requested that I pick a different color, and refunded me $2 just to make up for the fact that I didn’t get my first choice color. Not only that, but it’s easy to ask Abby’s Lane questions–and they answer them, too. Contact them by e-mail, through Facebook, or through Twitter, and they’ll get back to you quickly.

5. Inventory includes a wide variety of products–those involving cloth diapers, and plenty that don’t. All of the cloth diaper brands that I wanted to try are offered by Abby’s Lane. Not only that, but they offer many other fun products as well. BabyLegs, Pedipeds shoes, shopping cart covers, baby carriers, etc.

All in all, Abby’s Lane has been great to me. They are now my go-to online store for all things cloth diapering, and I’m just waiting for Nora to get some fat on her legs so I can order her very first pair of BabyLegs, because, so cute.

Because I love Abby’s Lane so much, they sent me a Blueberry One-Size Deluxe Cloth Diaper to review on my blog. I recently told you all how we’ve been using bumGenius and Fuzzibunz one-size diapers, but I was excited to have the opportunity to try out a third brand as well. I picked the “pink lemonade” pattern, and when it arrived, I immediately loved it just for the way it looks.

One thing I don’t care for with bumGenius is the colors–with the exception of their Artist Series they just released, all of their diapers are solid pastel colors. Booooring. Not so with Blueberry–they have many fun colors and patterns. It was difficult to choose just one!

As is the case with most (all?) pocket diapers, the Blueberry came with two inserts–a “newborn” insert, and a standard insert that is longer and more absorbent.

One thing I noticed right away is that the outside of the diaper shell is “silkier” than that of bumGenius or Fuzzibunz. The snaps are a little bit different, but the sizing mechanism is essentially the same as bumGenius–three snaps in the front allow you to “snap down” the diaper to the smaller sizes.

The pocket of the diaper provides plenty of room for extra inserts. It’s also easy to get your hand in there, making for easy stuffing (which is a complaint I have about Fuzzibunz–difficult to stuff!). The pocket simply has an opening at the back; nothing fancy.

Upon trying the diaper on Nora, I noticed that it seemed just a tad bulkier than bumGenius, but still seemed to offer a pretty good fit all around. After wearing it for a few hours, however, when I went to change her, it seemed like the diaper had ridden down a little bit on her waist–meaning it was very low on her hips. This may just be a result of Nora still being a bit too small for this diaper, and perhaps this is something that will stop happening when she grows a little bit bigger. Still, she’s worn the Blueberry diaper a couple of times now and we haven’t had any leaks.

Overall, the Blueberry makes a great addition to our stash. We’re going to wait another several weeks before putting the finishing touches on our cloth diaper supply, and if it turns out we like the Blueberry as much as the bumGenius in the long run, we’ll probably order a few more of them to give some more variety to Nora’s diapers.

Now… Abby’s Lane has offered a $10 gift certificate to one lucky Heather Drive reader! If you aren’t into cloth diapering, don’t worry–as I mentioned before, Abby’s Lane offers other baby/children’s products as well. And if you don’t have children? Well, surely you must have someone on your Christmas list that does, right? :)

Giveaway Prize:
$10 Gift Certificate to Abby’s Lane

Please make sure to follow the entry instructions carefully. They’re not difficult, but you must follow the instructions in order to be eligible to win.

To Enter:
1. Visit the Abby’s Lane website and pick out an item that you would use the gift certificate toward if you were to win. (Please note that if you do win, you don’t HAVE to buy the item you choose.)

2. Come back here and leave a comment on this post, providing: your first name, your e-mail address, and a link to your chosen Abby’s Lane product. (To be eligible to win, you must provide all three of these things.)

Only one comment/entry per person. Giveaway open only to residents of the United States and Canada.

This giveaway will end at 8 p.m. on Friday, December 10. Entries left after the deadline will be ineligible to win.

One winner will be chosen using The winner will be announced on my blog and will be e-mailed notification of the win. Winner has 72 hours to respond to my initial contact, or a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: Abby’s Lane provided the Blueberry Diaper at no cost to me, in exchange for my review of the product. However, opinions expressed within the review are my own. Abby’s Lane is also sponsoring the $10 gift certificate giveaway.


63 Responses to Blueberry Diaper Review & Abby’s Lane Giveaway

  1. Shauna says:

    I think I need to buy baby #2 some boyish babylegs!

    shaunalewallen at yahoo dot com

  2. N. says:

    I am really wanting to add to my stash and have been wanting to try Grovia.

  3. No baby yet, but someday (soon!) I think I’d get the Moby sling in brown. I’ve read some reviews that it’s awesome…

  4. Kristin says:

    My best friend is pregnant and I would get these for her….they’re too cute & she LOVES penguins!

    kristin.devin at gmail dot com

  5. Morrigan says:

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  6. Morrigan says:

    I would put it towards another cloth diaper. Your review of it makes me want to try blueberry. Well I have wanted to before, but the $10 will make it easier to buy more cloth! Either hte lemonade or pink on chocolate.

    morriganirene at gmail dot com

  7. Meghan says:

    I would buy a Flip day pack:

    mcisaac.meghan at gmail dot com

  8. LJ says:

    lauraebier at gmail dot com
    I’d use it towards

    The Ergo carrier is so much easier to use than a moby wrap

  9. Megan says:

    I would buy some baby legs!

    ulkaydee at yahoo dot com

  10. americamowry says:

    I would love an Ergo Baby Carrier for our little one due in January!

    acornelison at elimitless dot com

  11. Crystal says:

    I would love to get started on our diaper stash for our baby girl due in April.
    scotdanzer at hotmail dot com

  12. Stephanie says:

    We plan to start cloth diapering after our baby is born in January and I still need pail liners, so I would get:
    stephperk at hotmail dot com

  13. Heather says:

    We’re planning on cd’ing our little guy that is due the end of January, so this would help me out a ton to finish up our stash! I would love to try a Rumparooz:

    heatherandscott030709 at gmail dot com

  14. Krystle says:

    I’m having a girl in February and plan on cloth diapering so I love reading your posts about what you’ve learned/tried thus far.

    I would put it toward a bumGenius package probably:

    pierceandkrystle at gmail dot com

  15. Adela & Josh says:

    We are CD’ers and our son just started solids. At the top of our Must Have list is a diaper sprayer, so a $10 certificate would definitely go to purchasing one of those!

  16. Adela & Josh says:

    Ugh…I have mommy brain. Here’s the link to the sprayer:


  17. Jacki says:

    No babies (yet!), but we’re planning for 2011!
    I’d buy this (and pray for a girl!)
    Hibiscus Hula Girls Lime on Espresso Babyhawk


  18. I’ve registered for a few bumgenius, but I’d love to have a blueberry to try too!

  19. Megan says:


    nealon at gmail

    Jane needs some new maryjane’s. We have these already but they’re getting too small :(

  20. basebell6 says:

    cloth swim diaper! cant wait to take my little one swimming! :)

  21. amybyrd says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. amybyrd says:

    Amy and I would love to get these shoes for the Elle Belle!
    I really admire you for cloth diapering!
    scorebyrd at gmail dot com

  23. Mrs.Laker says:

    Have not seen the blueberry line yet! So cute!! Love the prints!! Hope to try one out soon!! Thanks for all your posts!

    Email: amlaker at yahoo dot com


  24. Love my blueberry and swaddlebees dipes!

  25. Kristin says:

    I use Thirsties covers but would like to try the Bummis.

    kwolfrum at ymail dot com

  26. I would use the Gift Certificate towards a Wet/Dry bag from Leslie.
    email: n.snaer at gmail dot com

  27. Nicole says:

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  28. Nicole says:

    We are expecting our first baby in May. I have no idea what I will need, but I would like a Moby baby carrier (
    *But there are a million adorable baby things on this website! Thank you for the opportunity!

    nlodahl {at} gmail {dot} com

  29. Heather says:

    No baby for me yet, though you’ve inspired me to think cloth diapering when we eventually get around to it! For now, I’d get the “Olivia” baby leggings for my gorgeous new niece!

    heathermarie322 at gmail dot com

  30. Kristin says:

    I am just starting my stash for my first due in May and can’t wait to cloth diaper!

    kristinandkelly09 at gmail dot com

  31. diana says:

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  32. diana says:

    I’ve been enjoying reading your posts on cloth diapering. I’m hoping to do it with our baby once he’s born, but I’m nervous about making it work with day care. I’m convinced it won’t be too bad, but I’m hesitant to talk about it much since everyone seems to think we are crazy. I think they are crazy for not being horrified at the impact on the earth and the cost of disposables. Until March I’m at an “agree to disagree” stage with most of my family. It’s great to read reviews and hear about people actually using them and making it work.

    I’d put it toward a flip day pack. It seems like they are a good and easy to use system that might work for our day care provider.

  33. diana says:

    dianaelane at gmail dot com

  34. Tiffany says:

    I would buy one of the rumparooz CD’s! I love all of the fun prints. :)

    Tiffany at

  35. meg says:

    I forgot to leave a link in my original post! Sorry! I dont follow directions well apparently :)

    I would buy cow baby legs!

    ulkaydee at yahoo dot com

  36. Lisa says:

    I would like to get a pair of Little Beetle Learners:

    lisar79 at msn dot com

  37. Allison says:
    I have been debating trying the Sea Pearl Tampons. A gift card would give the push to buy them :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    hannahsking at gmail dot com

  38. Jill says:

    I would buy the Blueberry Deluxe One Size-Cow Aplix
    to give to my step sister who used BG’s and is due with her second baby in April!
    Jillybean2880 at

  39. ceedeedee says:

    I really want to try a bigger kissaluv. I liked the NB size so much.

    carmen_ring at

  40. We aren’t expecting our LO until 3/4, but our cloth diaper registry is through Abby’s Lane! I picked her site because of the free shipping, quick turn around time, and the variety of products she offers. I was amazed with the awesome black Friday sale she offered, and my order arrived Monday!

    If I were to win the gift certificate, I think I’d purchase a Bummis Easy Fit CD.

    I’ve heard great reviews on them and how they’re so trim.

  41. Katherine says:

    Wow, Abby’s Lane has a huge selection! I’m wanting to try out the BG 4.0 diapers with snaps- we currently use the 3.0 w/ velcro and I’d love to check out the difference. OR planning way ahead I REALLY want to try the Lil Joey AIO with our next little one! How adorable!

  42. Wilma says:

    willyjean8 at hotmail dot com

    I would get a new Bummis Swimmi diaper. We will be in need of one soon for swim lessons!

  43. Beth says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE abbyslane…
    I really want to try the softbums…I am mostly a BG and FB fan, but I am trying to branch out :)

    elizabeth.dickson11 at yahoo dot com

  44. Adrian says:

    I LOVE Abby’s Lane!!!

    I really want to try hemp inserts in my BG4.0’s and FB!


  45. Sarah says:

    I would definitely use it towards some more BumGenius diapers- we just started building our stash!

    Sarah, BellyBabbles at gmail dot com

  46. Ashlyn says:

    I don’t have children, yet! I would love to buy my new little niece some babylegs! They’re SO adorable!

    countdowntomrs at gmail dot com

  47. Heather says:

    I want to try a new pocket dipe…I really like the blueberry prints :)

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