Santa came!

We opened presents from Santa and from each other at home. We went pretty low key on gifts this year, since we splurged on a few things for ourselves earlier this month, but still got some nice things. And Santa brought Nora a few toys for the coming months!

Tessa had a field day with the wrapping paper.

Then we picked up and went to my mom’s for Christmas morning part 2, and breakfast. As always, Hunter was obsessed with Baby Nora.

Nora was so, so good during gift opening. She just chilled out in my lap and watched me open my stuff AND hers.

Hunter seemed to be quite interested in this new book.

…AND an activity table that we technically bought for Nora. But it’s actually a “Grandma’s House” toy, which means it’s for ALL grandchildren–present and future!

Little Hercules thought that in order to access the alternate side of the table, he had to flip the whole thing over.

Grandma with her grandchildren

After breakfast, we all went our separate ways. Tyler and Trevor had festivities to go to with their in-laws, and we just headed home (we spent Christmas Eve with Michael’s family). There was a bit of miscommunication about our plans for Christmas dinner, so we ended up having my mom over for takeout Chinese food! It was actually kind of nice, so who knows… maybe that will be a tradition that repeats itself in years to come. :)

During our quiet afternoon at home, Nora was quite enthralled with one of her new books–it had pop up illustrations and I’m pretty sure it blew her mind.

Finally, this pic is from Wednesday night after work, but it’s so cute that I just had to share it:

I hope everyone had a happy and blessed holiday!

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  1. basebell6 says:

    the one of nora looking at her popup book is the cutest picture!! looks like a great 1st christmas for her!

  2. Lauren says:

    She is so adorable!!!! I love her facial expressions!!!

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