5 Responses to Who needs toys?

  1. basebell6 says:

    omg her little curl is sooo cute. babies like the weirdest things!!!

  2. Our Baby "D" says:

    Greyson loves his tags too! He hunts them down :) I LOOOOVEEE her little curl! so cute.

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks! Funny that you noticed her curl–it is so random, it’s the only curl on her head. But no matter how many times I brush it down, it always springs back up. :) It’ll be interesting to see if she ends up with curly or straight hair!

  4. Ha! Love this. Ryan is a BIG fan of tags, too. I don’t quite get the fascination, but he’s totally into them. ;)

  5. Anonymous says:

    My daughter loves tags too! Have you seen any of the ‘Taggies’ products? We have a blanket and a book and they are a big hit. Taggies are actually on Zulily right now.

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