Dog crates are the most funnest toys ever, don’t you know?

I could play with it for hours.
Open the door, close the door… amazing!
Oh. Hi, Mama.
Let me take a closer look at this here interior. Looks pretty well kept, Tessa. Good job.
Now, I am going to inspect the lock on your door. I’d call it reliable. Which is good, since, you know… it’s “key” to your security.
BWAHAHAHA. I crack myself up.
Now, let me take a peek at the roof. If only my feet weren’t so slippery from these footie jammies! Ugh!
Alright. Roof looks stable enough, from what I can see.
Right, Mommy?
Label is in good shape. Wouldn’t want that to come off now, would we?
This crate has officially passed inspection. I deem it safe for occupancy by Tessa.
My work here is done. Back to the living room to inspect the couch!

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  1. Pamela says:

    This is too cute! and so it she. God bless her :)

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