I’ve been somewhat involved in the world of blogging for YEARS now. I started reading my very first blog (and it wasn’t even called a blog back then) in 2004. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about blogs since then, it’s this: They come and go.

The act of blogging can be difficult, because it’s a commitment—just one more thing to add to life’s never-ending to-do list. Inspiration doesn’t always come easy. The motivation is not always there.

Over the years, I’ve seen some of my favorite blogs fall silent. And although I’m always sad to see that happen, I understand it because I’ve thought about quitting my fair share of times over the years. I’ll usually keep the quiet blogs in my Google Reader, just in case they ever decide to come back.

Recently, though, I went through my Google Reader and did a clean-up. I removed blogs written by those who have long since abandoned them. And then I started looking at the ones that remained. Some of them had 20-30+ posts sitting there, unread by me. I wondered why that was. For some reason, I wasn’t compelled to read them anymore.

The thing is: Life changes. Our interests and priorities change. I no longer have the time to spend hours in the kitchen baking up delicious desserts. New dinner recipes have to be quick and easy in order to make it into our rotation and onto our plates. And sometimes, the blogs or bloggers themselves change as well. Maybe my interests no longer align with that particular person’s.

Whatever the reason, I had to make myself LET THEM GO.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve picked up very few new blogs over the years. Most of the ones I read regularly, I’ve been loyal to for a long time. I’ve tried out new ones for size, but many of them end up falling by the wayside in my reader and I ultimately unsubscribe from them as well. But I love a lot of blogs. I love having blogger friends. And I know there have to be blogs—real gems—that I don’t even know about.

So I ask all of you: What are your favorite blogs? Who do you read first when new posts pop up in your reader? Who do you “check in on” most often? And why?


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  1. lindsay414 says:

    Great post! I found your wedding planning blog over 2 years ago when I first got engaged. It eventually lead me here! I have since really enjoyed really your blog. You have a wonderful, captivating way of writing. You are even on my “regular reads” on my blog.
    I find real life blogs (like yourself) what I enjoy most! I hate the ones with every day they have a giveaway or sponsors writing or guests posts. Every once in a while, fine. But when I blog is soley there to get more and more followers…boring!
    Thanks for allowing me to read your blog over the last couple of years! xo

  2. lindsay414 says:

    P.S sorry for all the mistakes…stupid auto correct.

  3. Heather says:

    Great post! I feel the same way. The blogs that I read, I have been loyal to for a long time. Your blog is actually the very first blog I read back when you were planning your wedding. I got engaged about 4 months before your wedding and a friend of mine suggested your blog. I have since been hooked on blogs. Thank heavens I eventually discovered Google Reader because my list of blogs had got out of control. Haha. However, my interests have changed and I don’t read some as often anymore and have found others I love. I still follow many on my reader in case something posted sounds interesting, but the blogs that I always read first are:

    (1) Most definitely Heather Drive (I immediately read your posts)
    (2) Bower Power http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/ (another one I immediately read)
    (3) Young House Love http://www.younghouselove.com/ (I generally read all of their posts; however, sometimes whatever project they are doing I am not as interested in and will skim it
    (4)The Spohrs are Multiplying http://www.thespohrsaremultiplying.com/ (which I think I found through your site)

    I follow several more, but those are my top 4.

    • Hi Heather! I actually read all of these except for Bower Power. Young House Love is one of those where the posts just pile up in my reader until I finally take some time to clear them out. Their posts are just SO.LONG.EVERY.TIME. that I can’t handle reading it every day. :) I just realized that The Spohrs are Multiplying isn’t in my blogroll on the right. It’s one of my favorites, so I have to add it!

  4. Erin says:

    It is kind of sad when a loved blogger stops writing, especially if there is no warning. I definitely find myself reading the lifestyle blogs first, where I actually have some sort of relationship with the person – whether in real life, or just through comments on blogs, twitter, or instagram. Almost all of them have kids the same age(s) as mine. Another common thread is definitely authenticity – I really hate bloggers who ONLY write about the good parts of life, or those who are constantly complaining too. I use Google Reader so I see posts whenever they come, and subscribe to so many blogs that I always have something to read, but in general I prefer bloggers who write something at least somewhat regularly. Daily sometimes overwhelms me, but weekly is good. I read quite a few “big” blogs, but those aren’t the ones I am drawn to first (dooce, girls gone child, Heir to Blair (now BA or whatever), Dear Baby, etc) just because I don’t have an actual reciprocal relationship with them at all. I still definitely read them regularly though. Most of my true favorites, I found because they commented on my blog, or they were linked from a blog I already read.

    I still have tons of cooking blogs in my reader, but I put them in a folder that I only go through every few weeks or so (except for my very favorites), same with Travel. I just can’t bring myself to completely unsubscribe, although I did do a MASSIVE cleanout after the births of each of my kids – I just couldn’t keep up! I still subscribe to more blogs than anyone I know though ;)

    • Hey Erin! I actually just added your blog to my reader a few weeks ago. I had been dropping in very irregularly, but then I was like, “Wait. She comments on my blog often. We converse regularly on Instagram/Twitter. Why isn’t this in my reader??” :) Sorry for taking so long to commit, haha. In my defense, I just really haven’t added a whole lot to my reader in a LONG TIME. I freaking love Annie, though, so I need some more of her in my life. Happy to see her pop up in my reader now!

      I agree about the ones with the massive followings. I feel that way about Enjoying the Small Things. There’s something about her I don’t quite like, but I love her pics and little Nella, so I keep it in my reader. But I don’t read her right away, again I wait until posts build up and then I catch up eventually.

      I only have like four food blogs left in my feed now. It was just too much to keep up with, and I found that I was hardly ever making anything from them, so what was the point? Sad!

  5. I need to do this soon, too. I agree with Erin that I like blogs with a little variety – short, quirky, fun posts mixed with longer contemplative posts. That’s how life is – a little bit of everything. I guess I feel like I “know” the person a little better if I see a few different levels.

    Some of my go-tos are This Place is Now a Home, I Love You More Than Carrots, Sluiter Nation, Writing Wishing, Mama at Home, What She Said, and Growing Up Geeky. I do read a few of the “big blogs,” like Dear Baby and Enjoying the Small Things. But I rarely comment on those bigger ones because of the lack of interaction. Not that I blame them – who could possibly respond to all those comments?? But my time is limited, too, so I tend to just comment on posts that really hit home for me on blogs where there is a little more interaction with the writer.

  6. Lynn says:

    Heather – I went from wedding planning blogs, baby blogs, cooking blogs & now onto home type blogs, DIY, furniture rehab blogs. Some I still have that I’ve followed that I still enjoy reading. The blogs have transformed from being about wedding to babies to now just about life. I enjoy reading that I am normal so to say while raising 2 toddlers.
    My fav blogs..

    These are just a few of my top list. It could turn into a full-time job to keep up reading on them.


  7. Erin says:

    When I first started reading blogs and blogging my first blog was crazymomquilts.blogspot.com. Yes, just quilting. My first two “people” blogs were Kellys Korner and yours! Since then blogs have come and gone, people have gotten a bit of a “celebrity status” and have soured in their writing and such. I honestly prefer to read blogs that aren’t out to make money or push any products. Yes, the occasional review(such as what you’ve done) is nice because it is sharing something you enjoy and passing it along, but blogs that have a “push” every day get frustrating. I actually just went through my blogroll and cleaned up everything. I now only have a few reads that I love(mostly quilting). My people blogs are:

    Matt and Julee Turner

    I’m sure I have more, but I don’t read my feed every day. Nor do I use Twitter, so I don’t “keep up with” every blog either.

  8. Bethany says:

    I started reading your blog when I was planning my wedding, and fell in love with the blogging world. It always makes me so sad when a blog you love falls silent, but after blogging myself for awhile now I can understand how sometimes its just alot to keep up with. A few blogs I love and read often are I Love You More Than Carrots, Ruby Red Slippers, From Mrs. to Mama, Life Treasured and Cozy.Cottage.Cute. They are a collection of sassy, fun Mommas who manage to make life fun even when theyre talking about the hard parts. Plus I love anyone who sneaks a bit of sass into things like diaper changes, babies crying and living life.

  9. Amanda says:

    I started reading your Road to the Aisle blog and made my own version of your Card Box using your instructions, then followed you over to Heather Drive. Love your life updates! I, on the other hand, have been one of those bloggers that hasn’t updated for a couple weeks, although I have somewhat of an excuse- we recently returned from a 4 week trip overseas.

    My other favorite blogs to check in with are: Carolina Charm, Our Fifth House, The Busy Budgeting Mama, and The Glamorous Life of a Housewife

  10. Kate Andrew says:

    Funny, I was just thinking about this the other day – I am not sure what about a blog compels me to keep reading, as I have pretty varied taste in blogs. I started reading your blog when I was planning your wedding, and I keep following because I like your writing style and seem to be on a similar path with marriage and family – so I love hearing your take on raising Nora (everything from cloth diapers to Christmas presents!)
    My other favorites are:
    http://www.rixarixa.blogspot.com (found helpful when planning my homebirth with my son)
    http://www.donutstodumplings.com (I spent some time in China and find this blog hilarious!!)
    http://www.sewliberated.typepad.com (although she’s way more artsy than I am, I love getting some ideas from her on books, art projects, etc)
    http://www.ctworkingmoms.com (i live and work in CT, so I like keeping up with this blog)

    So, my favs are pretty random I guess, but it works for me!!

  11. Kate Andrew says:

    oops **planning MY wedding (not yours!!) :)

  12. jolizie says:

    I tend to read lifestyle blogs of people I know or those that live in the same state. I love to get ideas of things to do locally. Other blogs I read:

    http://nicolehelget.blogspot.com/ (I’ve read her memoir, but like that many of her posts are quick snapshots of life)
    http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/ (I don’t spend a huge amount of time here, but find interesting things from time to time)
    http://fatmumslim.com.au/ (She hosts a photo a day that I was participating in for awhile)
    http://liberatingworkingmoms.com/ (A variety of working mom bloggers post here)
    http://nothingbutbonfires.com/ (so funny and well written – I wish I had a mind like this)
    http://www.reedsterspeaks.com/ (also a fairly funny writer)

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