When we were in California back in January, we stayed with a friend of ours, Jay. And Jay had a goldfish. Nora really liked it, and at the time, we were preparing ourselves mentally to tackle potty training. So we told Nora–when you are a big girl and go on the potty, and don’t need diapers anymore, you can get a fish of your own.

We started potty training in mid-February and haven’t looked back. Truth is that Nora picked it up very quickly, but there were still a few random accidents here and there. Now, she has graduated to the point when SHE is telling US when she has to go. And although I would never say never (I wouldn’t sit here and tell you that she’ll never have another accident), we officially declared her “potty trained” on Friday.

Michael was “between jobs” on Friday (his last day at his old job was Thursday, first day at his new job was today—Monday), and Nora’s daycare provider was off for the day, so I decided to take a vacation day, too. We had been talking up the fish for a while with Nora, but that morning, while she sat her little tush on the potty in her jammies, I told her that maybe we’d go get her fish today.

Next thing we knew, we were in a pet store, gathering all of the things we’d need for a fish. A fish bowl. Rocks for the bottom (purple, of course). A little ship to spruce up the fish’s digs. Water conditioner. Fish food.

Then, it was time. Nora happily picked out a goldfish—a $0.27 little guy (or girl), I’ll have you know—and watched as the woman scooped him up in the net and deposited him into a bag for her to take home. She waved at him in the plastic bag. “Hi Buddy!” she said.

And then I nearly died from the cuteness. Because seriously, where the heck did she learn “Hi Buddy”? She kills me.

On the way home, Nora declared that the fish’s name shall be “Bubbles.” We brought him inside and set him up in his new home. Our girl was thrilled.

And I continue to be thrilled by the opportunity to see the world through a 2-year-old’s eyes. Because it is truly the little things, people. Like a tiny, cheap goldfish that now brings a little extra joy to each of her days. She loves feeding it, and checking on it, and telling people about “Bubbles.”

Supplies for one measly goldfish = $30
Goldfish itself = $0.27
Seeing a proud 2-year-old with her potty training reward = Priceless


4 Responses to Go Fish

  1. Stephanie A says:

    Hmm, this is a great idea! Grace loves fish and we are just at the beginning of the potty training journey. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Vanessa says:

    I love this! She looks so grown up and beautiful! What a precious thing it is to be a mom… I can’t wait for all these moments with my Abigail!

  3. Tara says:

    Adorable!! Good luck with Bubbles! We unfortunately just lost one of our cats & having to explain THAT to a 2yr old has been a challenge. However Kira has been asking for “fish tank like Papa” for quite some time now…please note that Papa has a 35gallon monstrosity of a tank, definitely not happening ;) & Way to go on the potty training, Nora!

  4. Alicia says:

    When did her hair get so long? Oh my goodness, she’s so beautiful!! I’ve got an (almost!) 20 month old…and we’re contemplating potty training. People swear you can start at this age, but I have no idea where to even start! I need to start researching and getting advice from peers. Potty trained would be fantastic!

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