In my last pregnancy update post (at 34 weeks), I mentioned how I was pretty sure we were going to pass on having maternity photos taken this time around. With my pregnancy with Nora, we DIYed them (and I was happy!) but things were decidedly more complicated this time around since we’d have a nearly-3-year-old to wrangle. We didn’t have time to be out and about, messing around with tripods, self-timers, remotes, etc.

But then I hit publish on the post, and Michael read it. He brought up the subject and told me he didn’t agree with me. He wanted to make sure we weren’t going to have any regrets. And given that this very well may be our last baby… I couldn’t help but admit that he had a point.

I reached out to the photographer we are planning to use for newborn/family photos after the birth to see if she could add on a maternity session for us. Truthfully, it was a bit more than I would’ve ideally wanted to spend, but… I’m never going to be pregnant (at the very least, not with this baby) again. So we went for it.

We were supposed to have the photos taken last Wednesday, but we were rained out. Crazy thunder and lightning and downpours. (By the way… rainiest.summer.ever.) But we gave it another go on Sunday night and we lucked out. Hot and humid, yes, but we had a little sun and NO RAIN.

We’re not expecting all of the photos to be ready for a while yet, but the photographer shared with us two sneak peeks so far:

We totally bribed Nora with fruit snacks again. She was like a puppy performing tricks! But hey, no shame!

I can’t wait to see the rest.


8 Responses to Maternity Photo Sneak Peek

  1. Oh they are gorgeous =) I’m still waiting to see mine and it’s already time for my newborn shots, cuz Cameron is already a week old! =) Good thing she is a good friend, so I’d probably be more mad than I am. lol

  2. Dana says:

    The sneak peaks are pretty.

  3. Lena says:

    They look great! I’m glad you posted your family pics again. I remember looking at them when you first posted them and they were so sweet. Love Nora’s curls!

    So 2 weeks ago I responded to one of your recent posts. Took me forever bc I was typing it with one hand, in my iPhone, while pumping….long stinkin comment. Hot submit and the server was doing an update and deleted it :(
    I’ll try to go back and redo it sometime lol.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Love the black and white dress! Gorgeous pics!

  5. Lori says:

    The pics are great and I love your dress! Can you post where it came from? I need to restock some maternity clothes for #2 that’s on the way as well :)

  6. Jel says:

    Clicked on the comments section so i could compliment you on the photos and especially the black and white dress, and asked where you got it from – thanks Lori for already asking as i have an instant answer :)

    The sneak peak photos do look great. Look forward to seeing your newborn’s pics as well in a month or so’s time!

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