You guys: I am so tired. And we are so frustrated.

Before I go any further, I want to acknowledge the fact that I know many of you out there hate me when it comes to baby sleep. Nora was a rock star sleeper from the very beginning and I know for sure now that a lot of that was pure luck. We definitely put in a lot of effort into keeping it that way—sticking to routines, schedules, and even doing short bouts of modified cry-it-out when we needed to as she grew older. But I know how fortunate we’ve been. And I know that although we’re having our challenges, they could be so.much.worse. So please know that if you feel the need to roll your eyes at me as you read through this, I DON’T BLAME YOU. Still, this is my experience and as with a lot of other things, I feel the need to put it out there so that 1) some of you might be able to commiserate with me, and 2) someone might be able to HELP ME. Pleasepleaseplease.

So let’s talk about Vivienne and her current sleep situation.

Vivienne. She is seriously the sweetest right now. As I mentioned in her 3-month post, she took a huge turn a couple of weeks ago and suddenly… stopped fussing so much. Oddly enough, this coincided with me returning to work, which has led me to conclude that I was obviously just boring the crap out of her at home. I’m trying not to let it hurt my feelings.

ANYWAY, we are having one little HUGE issue. She is giving us a run for our money with her nighttime sleep.

It started with daylight savings time. My god, remember when daylight savings time meant that you GAINED an hour of sleep? It was the most glorious weekend of the year. Now? Well, now I would hunt down Benjamin Franklin and kill him if he wasn’t already dead for more than 200 years. Franklin clearly didn’t have small children at the time he “invented” daylight savings time. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

At any rate, my life right now is crazy, so I can’t even remember what exactly Vivienne’s sleep was like before we changed the clocks. But all I do know is that Sunday night was so terrible that I decided on a whim on Monday morning that Vivienne was going to make the move to her nursery. It was something I was trying to work up the courage to do soon anyway (we moved Nora at about 3.5 months, so the timing was getting there) and Sunday night’s sleep—or lack thereof—was the push I needed. I ran around on my lunch break buying the last things we needed to make her room suitable for sleeping… a white noise machine, a space heater. And then we made the switch.

Now, because of this timing, you might all start pointing fingers at the crib transition. But here’s the thing: I really don’t think the crib is the problem. Like, really REALLY don’t think it’s the problem. After all, the reason I moved her to begin with was because she was driving me crazy in our room, too.

But things have been not-so-great ever since. She is a BEAST to put down to bed at night. At first, I thought this was due to her being overtired. Long day at daycare, then we weren’t putting her to bed until 7-7:30, which was her “normal” bedtime… but with the time change, that was REALLY 8-8:30 according to her internal clock, right? So we busted our asses after work to get her to bed as early as possible (so hard, I get so little time with her as it is!) and… it still didn’t make a difference.

Vivienne will usually get very, very drowsy or fall asleep completely at the breast. I then burp her, say a little prayer, and lay her down. But this has changed. Most nights, her eyes pop open and she acts wide awake as soon as I lay her in the crib. Sometimes she starts crying pretty much immediately, and other times she will lie there and stare at the rainforest lights/sounds soother. Then it goes off, and she cries. There have been nights this week when it has taken us the better part of TWO HOURS to get her to sleep.

And then there are nights when she goes down relatively easy—or so she would make us believe! But then, 20-45 minutes later… she’s awake. It never fails. THEN she makes us work for it (sometimes an hour or more) to get her to sleep again. We’ve made many trips up and down the stairs, I can tell you that.

Once she’s sleeping for the SECOND time, we can usually count on a pretty solid stretch of sleep. She’ll wake sometime between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. to eat, then I put her back into her crib. After that, sleep is pretty crappy. She’s up more often, sometimes needing a pacifier placed back in her mouth, sometimes just to whine and cry and writhe around a little bit. And in these wee hours of the morning, our normally sound sleeper Nora is more “alert” than earlier in the night and sometimes ends up waking up earlier than she should. Which is so NOT awesome.

To add insult to injury—because of all of this, with each passing night, my “mommy ears” have grown more and more sensitive so that I hear every sound she makes, even over the monitor. (Before anyone tells me to shut it off—I can’t. I just can’t. Too SIDS paranoid. But it IS on the lowest volume setting it can go.) And honestly, I’m more and more anxious about when she’s going to wake up, so it’s harder and harder for me to fall back to sleep after feeding and/or hearing her. Because as she makes noises I’ll think, “Oh god. This is it. She’s going to wake up. I’m going to have to go in there. She’s going to cry. Wait for it, wait for it… wait for it…”

It’s hell.

To try to fix all of this, we’ve tried so many things. I’ve tried feeding her again a couple of hours after her “bedtime” feeding. I’ve tried unswaddling her (epic fail, she lied awake moving her arms and legs a mile a minute for two hours)… instead, the last two days, she’s been swaddled with one arm out. I can’t say it has really made a difference in her sleeping habits—it’s no better or worse—but I figured if we’re going through all of this right now anyway, might as well make progress toward ditching the swaddle. We’ve let her fuss it out a bit (not really cry it out—once she escalates to a full cry, we do go in, because I think she’s still too young for cry it out). We’ve used the lights/sounds soother. White noise. We’ve put her down awake. We’ve put her down sleeping. We’ve put her down earlier. We’ve put her down later.

I know she CAN sleep. In fact, one of these nights, she actually did sleep through until the morning—but it was after putting us through a few hours of the asleep-awake-asleep-cry-upstairs-downstairs-pacifier-soother-rocker routine. So it wasn’t without struggle, at least at first.

So, all this time, I’ve been blaming daylight savings. Because how could my baby—who was a pretty good sleeper before—all of a sudden be so horrible at it? Or maybe it’s a developmental milestone. The whole “4-month wakeful” thing that some babies start to go through as early as 3 months old. It’s funny, too, because we went through sleep hell with Nora around this age, too, but it turned out she had an ear infection! It’s crossed my mind, of course, but Vivienne doesn’t have the same signs. Nora had been sick with a cold for a few weeks prior, and Vivienne hasn’t been sick. And Nora was literally waking up EVERY.SINGLE.HOUR. crying in the middle of the night.

But, tonight, a new theory did dawn on me. Her reflux. Maybe? Could it be?

I fed her like normal and she fell asleep on my shoulder as I burped her. I laid her down and her eyes shot open, but I gave her a pacifier, turned on the soother, and left the room anyway. She was crying within minutes. Michael went up to rock her and she SCREAMED the entire time—it had to have been 15 minutes, if not more. I finally went up to relieve him and found him rocking her in the typical cradle position. As soon as I lifted her up into an upright position, she calmed down. I rocked her like that for a few minutes and then as I saw her eyes drooping, I lowered her into a cradle position. Eyes immediately opened and she started crying again. I quickly popped her back up into an upright position and… silence.

I know it’s possible that her reflux is bothering her in the lowered position, but not in the upright (duh. that’s reflux 101). But could it be that her reflux is what’s making it difficult for her to transition from one sleep cycle to the next, both at the beginning of the night and then again after her middle-of-the-night feedings?

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking since reflux is—as far as these things go—something we can more than likely “fix.” But I’m definitely calling the pediatrician in the morning to discuss the possibility of increasing her dose to give it a shot.

Anyone with similar experiences? Either with reflux or not? If it’s NOT reflux, what can we do at this point, since sleep training isn’t really an option at this age? Is it normal for babies to be pretty good sleepers and then take a sudden turn for the worst?

I sure hope we find our answers soon. Mama needs some sleep.


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  1. Bethany says:

    My little guy was like that around 3 months- the only way he would sleep was proped up in his Mamaroo nearly upright. We would put him in that for a few hours and the second we tried to lay him down it was over. He was horrible reflux- Prevacid solutab twice daily until a year old. Hopefully she gets some relief so you get some sleep!

  2. Ugh!

    First I think most parents, myself included, ruin our second and subsequent kids in the sleep department because we’re worried about the baby waking up the older kids so we rush in there with every grunt and squeak. I’ve had to remind myself that the baby’s fussing won’t wake up my toddler.

    It sounds like you’re fighting reflux, four month wakeful, and a few other random things.

    On the reflux front: Do you have a wedge to elevate her mattress? I’m sure the doctor can either approve an increase in dosage or a switch to a more potent medicine. I’ve heard some kids develop a tolerance to the reflux meds after a while.

    While you’re feeding her, have Michael put a heating pad in her crib on the low setting. It’ll warm up her sheets just enough that the transfer from you to the crib isn’t as jarring since the sheets won’t be cold. Do you swaddle her before you feed her? Try swaddling her torso as tight as possible but leave her arms out so she’s not fighting against the blanket but still has that feeling of security.

    As far as the wakeful goes, there’s not much you can do. If she is just chattering to herself when she wakes up I say let her go. Only go in for a full cry. I know all about the paranoia of waking up the older kid but it’s a necessary gamble. Does the monitor sit on your night table? Maybe switch it to Micheal’s side so you don’t hear every grunt? Or maybe take shifts so that you each can get a small block of continuous sleep?

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with it. Sure it’ll pass eventually but it still sucks now and you’re more than justified to gripe about it.

    • We were using a reflux wedge for a couple of weeks. We used it in the pack ‘n’ play and then we did start her off with it in the crib for the first few nights, but the poor thing wiggles around so much in her sleep (even when the mattress is flat!) that she was ending up smushed against the side of the crib at the bottom of the incline. Even moving her back up into the proper position, she’d wiggle right back down to the bottom and inevitably end up sideways so that the incline wasn’t even in the right spot on her body, you know? After a few nights fighting that, I said to hell with it and removed it because if I couldn’t keep her in the proper position on it, it didn’t seem worth having in there!

      I do swaddle her before I feed her. I will try both arms out at some point but trying to see if we can get her into a good sleep pattern with the one out first. :)

      We’ve been pretty good about not running to Vivienne with every noise she makes and waiting until it escalates to a full cry. Nora really is a very sound sleeper (with the DIY house stuff we’ve done after she’s in bed… you’d seriously be amazed what she has slept through!) but it becomes a problem after like 4-5 a.m. because at that point it’s getting closer to morning and she’s more susceptible to waking. What I’m most concerned about at this point is developing bad habits–rocking and/or sucking to sleep, going in there and picking her up, etc.–but it’s hard because after so many tries, we get desperate to just get her to sleep. And without feeling like we can let her cry it out… we feel our options are so limited!

      Thanks for the long comment with lots of suggestions!

  3. ashleigh says:

    have you raised up her upper body?? you can purchase angled pillows to go under the baby it might work!

    • Hi Ashleigh! I should’ve mentioned it in the post, but yeah, we did use a reflux wedge for a bit and had problems with her wiggling down to the bottom (see my other response above). I wanted it to help but it was more trouble than it was worth!

  4. Tara says:

    We too are having sleep problems with 9month old Delfina; but that is a long story for another day & we are currently battling teething on top of that. The larger dose could help her reflux if that is what’s bothering her, was she a better sleeper in her rock & play sleeper? The incline could have kept it at bay until now. Delfina’s liver specialist prescribed prevacid for 8weeks post surgery as it is a side effect, it worked wonders! It doesn’t hurt to ask, Good luck Mama!!

    • It’s hard to say since she hasn’t slept in the rock ‘n’ play since she we moved her into the pack ‘n’ play at 3 weeks old. It crossed my mind tonight (when I started thinking about the reflux) to try the rock ‘n’ play again, but I’m hesitant to go down that road since she was doing so well sleeping flat prior to now. I am just trying to avoid having to do another transition if we don’t have to, you know? But certainly a valid suggestion!

      I hope Delfina starts sleeping for your again soon. Nora never gave us many problems with sleep and teething (GOD, she was SO EASY!) but I feel like that could easily be different this time around. Vivienne is such a different baby!

  5. Amanda says:

    My son sometimes wakes up the second we put him in the crib or within about 30 minutes after falling asleep. We too had a hard time figuring out the problem. The only thing that we found to work was giving him a bottle of pumped milk while he was still laying there. It was only a couple ounces in the bottle since I had already nursed him. But for whatever reason it soothed him to sleep and me pulling the bottle out and sneaking away doesn’t wake him. I’d say about 3-4 nights a week we have to do this.

  6. Rachael F says:

    With the wriggling thing if the wedge can go under the sheet, try creating kind of a “boat” with rolled up swaddling blankets around her body. She could possibly still wriggle over it but you might get lucky. Maybe she’s just not ready to sleep flat? Cameron is four months old and he is getting better at sleeping flat in his pack n play but he still has nights where nothing but his rock and play will do! At any rate, hugs to you Mama I know your pain!

  7. Lena says:

    Oh Heather…how I know what you’re going through. Alivia will be 11 months in 4 days and we’re still dealing with sleep issues. They have gotten better. We went through the whole 20 min nap thing for what seemed like forever and the nighttime sleep has never been great. We’re finally to where she will either sleep for 3 hours after we first lay her down or she is awake every 1 or so until about 11pm/midnight. Then god only knows. I personally average 4 hours of sleep right now. Some nights it’s less but it’s RARELY ever more. and it’s not even 4 hours in a row you know. for 2 months now there are a lot of nights where she wakes up somewhere between 12am and 3am and is awake for 2-3 hours…tell me you don’t want to shoot yourself after that. It’s rough sister!

    I see you had a reflux wedge … try just adding some books/magazines under one end of the mattress. It’s not as high and she won’t roll down so far. Also definitely look into her meds. I mentioned to you before that we used Prevacid bc our pedi said Zantac can become an issue quick. Babies/anyone really, gets too used to Zantac (not EVERY one but a lot) and it no longer works. When Alivia would scream the second we laid her down we knew it was time to adjust her meds. (she’s since outgrown her dose and we were able to quit it…although lately I’ve noticed some weird things and I wonder if it’s slight reflux). Her calming down in the upright position really says reflux to me.

    Someone else mentioned her swaddle. I hate to give opposite advice but I’d say to not swaddle her as tight. I did SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much reading on baby sleep and reflux and I read that a tight swaddle isn’t good for a reflux baby because it can put too much pressure on their abdomen and cause reflux.

    We also tried the rock-n-play. Worked for a little while but I swear to god that I read that babies with reflux shouldn’t have their legs bent up, again bc of the reflux and it mentioned the rock-n-play putting a baby in that exact position. Great huh? That’s what the product is sold for…

    Really, my best advice? Be patient and try not to get mad at her…it’s coming and you’ll feel like a total ass when you just want to hide under your pillow and cry/sleep.scream. I’m in the camp of not letting a baby cry it out. at any age under 1. They are born with one way to tell us something isn’t ok and that’s crying. Whether it be they are wet, tired, cold, lonely, bored, hurt, hungry…that’s it. Their only way. And so many studies have been done on the development of babies that it’s heartbreaking to me when people tell me to let my little one cry it out. If she needs to tell me she’s upset that shes alone then I need to respond. We are some of the only people in the world (Americans) and mammals in that case, that put our babies to sleep in space away from us and expect them to just deal with it. Anyway, tha’ts a tangent. We’re going to do Sleep Lady Shuffle after she turns 1.

    My friend has a baby 4 days younger than mine and they are having sleep problems too. Her LO still is latched on most of the time and if she isn’t she will do a “booby check” as my friend call it every sleep cycle. I’m almost sorry that Nora was such a great sleeper because she spoiled you :-)
    It’ll get better and some day we will miss the extra snuggles at night. Just wait till she learns how to grab your face and kiss you when your trying to get her to sleep :-)

  8. Cara says:

    Going through the exact same thing here. My daughter was a good sleeper until 3 months. She’s now 4 months. She has severe reflux. We had to go see a pediatric GI. I don’t know if the sleep issue is related to her reflux or not. We do use the wedge in her crib, but she often rolls to the flat part anyway. I recently bought baby Merlin’s magic sleep suit to help with the swaddle transition. I was desperate, but it hasn’t been magic yet. I initially read this post at 3 am. So, no advice from me just know I feel your pain!

  9. Lizzy says:

    is Mary burping her thoroughly?…my daughter had reflux and her doctor told me to take the bottle from her every ounce and burp her…it is a pain but worth it due to the distress my baby was in….he also said to lay her on her stomach to help with the gas….when you think they are done burping there is still one left behind…I could tell cause her belly would be tense.she lasted 6 months with this but the medicine did help…her doctor had me add it to her formula….I lost sleep cause I was so worried about her and her discomfort …hope this helps

    • I’ve been exploring so many reasons, and I’ve tried to see if there was a difference in daycare vs. non-daycare days, and there doesn’t really seem to be. I thought maybe she was overtired from daycare and wasn’t napping enough, but alas, at home this weekend we were good about getting her to nap and it still resulted in the same stuff.

      One of the hardest things about this whole situation is that Vivienne’s sleep issues don’t seem consistent. Sometimes it’s one thing, sometimes it’s another. All that is consistent about it is that it’s BAD. :)

  10. Amy says:

    I wish I could offer good suggestions but this is more of a just ‘I’ve totally been there’ comment. My 10 month old has had episodes of sleep almost exactly like this. In fact, I feel like I could have written this myself. We tried everything (like everything!) to try to get back into a normal sleep pattern but every night it took hours to get him to sleep. I read online that unexplained sleep episodes usually last around 2 weeks and that seemed to be true for us every time. A really terrible couple of weeks it was but then things got better.

    When she won’t settle down and go back to sleep when she wakes at the beginning of the night, have you tried taking her for a car ride? That works for us sometimes, one night we took him out 3 times. :/

    Good luck. This too shall pass.

    • God, if this only lasts two weeks, I will be SO.GRATEFUL. We’re already almost there. I would jump up and down in happiness if this suddenly goes away one of these nights!

      We haven’t tried the car ride thing because of the worry of forming bad habits. I can’t imagine having to do that on a regular basis so in general, those things—that I don’t want to keep up for the long haul—are things I do my best to avoid. Plus, Vivienne has pretty much NEVER stayed sleeping in the transfer out of her car seat, so… ugh.

  11. Amy says:

    Also, I should say that I always am worried about starting bad habits too to get him to sleep but at some point it’s all about survival.

  12. MG says:

    What you’re in the middle of right now is the yuck. I had two amazing (amazing!) sleepers. Through the night, all the time, 12 hours by three/four months sleepers. (One with reflux!) And now, now? Well, I have given birth to a child who is the attachment baby to end all attachment babies who is a complete and utter nightmare when it comes to sleep. And I thrive on schedule and routine and separate spaces. So, please know you are not alone.

    On the problem solving front:

    Reflux-wise, we had much better luck with a PPI than a Zantac-type med, so I would definitely check with the ped regarding dose/type of med. Also, if she’s wriggling off the wedge, propping the crib itself may help (since the entire mattress is angled, she can’t wriggle off, per se).

    My current baby was a sleeping nightmare from 3.5 months-6 months. Awake all night, every 45 minutes. Nursing all the time. It was awful, she was fussy, I was a zombie, and I basically crossed days off on a calendar until 6 months when I hit a real wall, mood-wise and we did sleep training. So, suggestion 2 is to figure out what will help you survive – a triage plan, if you will – and implement it. Isis Parenting out of Boston is a great resource; they have really helpful free webinars (at lunchtime; great for working/pumping moms), and you can follow Nancy Holtzman on Twitter, who is amazing. I was very close to scheduling a sleep consult with them. They introduced me to the idea of alternating high soothing and low soothing to help a baby learn to settle. (nursing vs rocking vs rubbing the back)

    Sleep training was great. She started sleeping on her own, 10-12 hours, settling herself when she woke, etc, etc. Then she got teeth and we’re now back to bedsharing, because neither my husband nor I can be zombies. Once the madness of the holidays is over, we’re going back to sleep training.

    So, I guess I would say that the best I can offer is this: you *will* find a way through it. It *will* end. The months you’re entering were our most sleepless, and even though we’re not in a sleeping arrangement I like right now, I am sleeping from 9 or 10 to 6-6:30, so I am rested. You will find a way to that space, too.

    • Mary Grace, I had to laugh a little bit at your description of your children because it reminds me of a friend of mine. She has three boys. The first two were great, she said. Easy babies, delightful little guys. Then her third… she affectionately calls him her “devil child.” She said that God gave him to her to tell her to STOP HAVING BABIES. :)

      I will have to read about the alternating high soothing/low soothing thing. I haven’t heard of that approach before.

      Thanks for offering your tips!

  13. Becky says:

    We had the same problem when DS was about that age. Have you researched the 4 month wakeful? DS didn’t have reflux, but would fall asleep eating and then wake up the second he wasn’t being held. Fits of crying and screaming…it was awful. We finally figured out that he was still hungry. I would nurse him and he would fall asleep.. DH would then read him stories (he would wake up when I passed him off), turn off the lights, turn on the white noise, and give him a bottle. He wouldn’t fall asleep but would be tired. Once he was in his crub, it would only be a few minutes until he fell asleep. We kept him swaddled until he got his arms out himself…around 4.5 months. Good luck!!

    • I have definitely heard of the 4-month wakeful, and it has crossed my mind. Hard to know how to deal with it, if that is what this is. We are doing what we can, trying what we can. But I do want to explore the possibilities for things that can be “fixed” (like the reflux). Because if all else fails, clearly it is something developmental that we’re going to have to ride out until it passes. YIKES!

  14. Rebecca says:

    Ugh, I hate this for you. Agreed that Zantac might need to be switched to Prevacid. It’s a different type of acid reflux med that will shut off all acid (100%), Zantac is only at 50% and you can outgrow it.

    Also, Jackson had such an awful time with reflux that we didn’t care so much about where he slept, we only cared that he slept. He did the majority of his sleeping in the first year of his life in the swing (either on low or not at all) and it helped SO MUCH. When he was still tiny, we also would roll towels up on either side of him (envision 2 large towels making an oval around him), which helped keep him from squishing at the bottom of the crib from the elevation. We learned that from a nurse in the hospital when he was there from the reflux.

    Good luck. something else we LOVED (also heard that tight swaddling was bad for reflux babies) were the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. Pricy but worth every penny.

    Good luck!

  15. Terri says:

    Ugh, I feel for you, as does looks like many of your other readers. We went through this stage at 3-4 months ourselves. I really don’t have any advice that anyone else hasn’t offered, our little guy spent a good 2 months sleeping in a moving swing in our room. Survival mode. Best of Luck to you.

  16. I feel your pain, Heather. First off, our due dates were the same this time around. I also had a girl, born July 30. :) My son was the same type of sleeper. He would sleep 9-5am and then at three months was up every 1-2 hours and was pretty much like that until we did sleep training at 6 months old. I don’t know what caused it, but he just decided he wasn’t going to sleep. I would nurse him, put him down and he would wake, over and over. Same result with bouncing or rocking. I hope this passes soon and doesn’t last as long as it did for me!

    • Ughhhh. I really hope it doesn’t last that long, too! How is your daughter doing (who is the same age as Vivienne)?

      • She also suffers from reflux and is on medication for it. I am constantly changing her outfits and cleaning the floor from her projectile spit up. Her sleep has been declining as well, so I am getting very nervous. She was doing 6-8 hrs and now she is up every 3 or so. :( Feel free to swing by my blog for updates on my daughter since they are so close in age! :)

  17. Thanks to all who have weighed in so far. So much appreciated.

    I called the pediatrician today and they want us to bring her in tomorrow to take a look at her and rule out any illnesses (like an ear infection). I imagine we’ll discuss the reflux, too, and then any possible behavioral/developmental stuff. Here’s hoping we come out of the appointment with an action plan!

    • Lisa j says:

      We had the same situation as you guys. Baby #1 was an awesome sleeper and we knew we were lucky. Baby #2 had reflux and was not a good sleeper.He ddidn’t sleep through the night until magically around 7 months old. I feel like we tried everything even things that I was afraid would cause bad sleep habits. I did it out of survival. Around 7 months he just randomly started sleeping through The night. I hadn’t changed a thing. Now at 13months he is a rock star sleeper. Just do what you can to survive. Good luck.

      How did the appointment go?

  18. Hi Heather! I am an infant and child sleep consultant and I am sorry you are having such a hard time where Vivienne’s sleep is concerned. I remember all too well how it feels to be sleep deprived and living on fumes. That’s actually why I went through the time and expense to become a sleep consultant. To help parents find solutions that work with their family. If you would like, I would be more than happy to speak with you over the phone so we can discuss a bit further and maybe I can help you figure out where the actual problem lies. My office number is (267)382-0826. I am based in the Philadelphia area, but I help families all over the country and this call would be absolutely free. Please reach out to me if you are interested. I’d love to have you sleeping better by Thanksgiving. :)

    • Hi Jennifer!
      Thank you for your comment and for the offer. It appears (KNOCK ON WOOD) that we have correctly identified our problem—her reflux. She apparently outgrew her dosage and needed to be bumped up a little bit. We are keeping our fingers crossed that things look up from here. If not, I very well may be giving you a call!

      • Oh, I’m so glad Heather that you have identified the problem. Reflux can be a challenge in maintaining the correct dose in an ever growing baby! But, if you still seem to be struggling, please give me a call. On sleep deprived mommy is one mommy too many. Unless you have a newborn baby and well…that’s part of the gig (at least for a little while). Good luck and I’ll send good sleep vibes your way. :)

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