Halloween was here before we knew it, and then it went by in a flash.

I never even took “official” pics of Nora in her costume, and Vivienne never even wore one, even though she had two available to her. Mommy fail. But that’s what happens when you have two kids and return to work the week of Halloween, I suppose. The main reason I didn’t put Vivienne in a costume was actually because it was too warm for them. Both are made out of a cozy, fleecy material to keep little ones warm… too bad it was 60 degrees! But it did rain.

Anyway, Vivienne did rock her plethora of Halloween onesies this month—and even wore two different ones on the day of Halloween itself—so she was in the spirit in that way. :)

Last Sunday, we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out a few pumpkins and take some pics of the girls.

Nora can be somewhat challenging to take photos of these days. This is usually her default face when we tell her to smile. LOVELY. :) And that’s if we can get her to look at the camera at all.

Then, on Wednesday night, we carved pumpkins. Nora was really into it this year. She helped us scoop all of the seeds and guts out of the pumpkins, and chose the templates to use for carving. Obviously, it’s not easy to let her “help” carve—what with the sharp knives and all—so for that part, we let her fingerpaint a few small pumpkins instead. She loved it.

Vivienne just sat and observed. Such an easygoing girl!

On Halloween, my office had its annual Halloween party for the kids toward the end of the work day, so I went and picked up Nora and Vivienne from daycare at 3:00 and brought them back to trick-or-treat from cubicle to cubicle with my coworkers and their kids. Nora had a blast with that. Honestly, it’s the best trick-or-treating ever, because the kids fill up their buckets with candy in no time—there’s not a lot of space between cubes! They can hit up far more cubes than they can houses. :)

After that was over, we rushed home to meet my family at our house. While we were waiting for everyone to get here, I sat Nora and Vivienne on the couch to get a few photos of them. Nora was NOT having it. She hadn’t napped at Mary’s, and had already played hard at my office, so she was spent. I asked her to smile, and this is the face that I got:

I’m not going to lie; I think it’s totally hilarious. When everyone else posted adorable pics of their kids in their costumes, I posted this one for a change of pace. It’s true life with a “threenager”!

As per our tradition, we had frozen pizza and beer with my family for dinner. Once we were all fed, we got the kids dressed in their costumes for trick-or-treating.

We were probably only out for 45 minutes or so before the rain started coming down steadily and we decided to call it a night.

Another Halloween in the books. Onward to Thanksgiving!


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  1. Britton says:

    I LOVE that picture of your girls. Hilarious!

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