First of all, thanks to those of you who attended the introduction to essential oils webinar I hosted with a few friends a couple weeks back. It was fun, and a learning experience for all. Based on the feedback we received, it was beneficial for those who tuned in, but it was also great for us to get the practice running something like this—it was our first one! If you missed it, but are interested, there’s good news! I can give you a link to the recorded webinar (so awkward to see/hear myself talk, ew!) or you can attend our next one! That’s right; we’re doing a repeat. Another Introduction to Essential Oils webinar! Save the date: Sunday, September 28 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Email me for more about all of this at heatherdriveblog at yahoo dot com.


ANYWAY, let’s talk essential oils—specifically what I’ve been using, and what was new in my order this month.

doTERRA mail day: It continues to be one of my favorite days of the month. I love seeing that package sitting on my doorstep!

This is the “Joyful Blend,” also affectionately referred to by many as “Sunshine in a Bottle.” To me, this definitely has a “nature-y” smell, and I’ve been using it for general mood management. Feeling a little blah? Rub on a little Elevation. Stressed? Elevation. Tired? Elevation. It’s one of my new go-to blends for my diffuser, which I use mostly in our family room while I’m relaxing (or working) at night.

I have a friend who has long suffered from periods of depression and she swears by Elevation as one of the oils that helped her get through a really tough stretch this past winter. I’m hoping Elevation can help me out in the colder months, when I do start to get some seasonal blues (usually between January and March).

This is another mood management oil, doTERRA’s “Grounding Blend.” This month’s bottle was actually ordered for a coworker. At this point, I’ve had several friends order Balance from me, specifically for the purpose of helping out with anxiety. I’m not kidding when I say that every one of them (4-5 people now!) has come back to me within days or weeks of using it to tell me how amazing it is and how much they love it.

A friend from high school said that when she feels an “attack” coming on, she rubs a little bit onto her wrists, then rubs her wrists behind her ears. Within 2-3 minutes, “I can breathe again,” she says. The stories from the others are really similar. My coworker has been sharing her bottle with her roommate, and she has randomly thanked me no fewer than three times for hooking her up with Balance. Good stuff.

I just realized that everything I ordered this month was a blend. Go figure. Anyway, next up is the “Focus Blend”! This one helps… well, focus. It’s pretty simple. I have fellow oils enthusiast friends who swear by InTune for ADD and ADHD, some who use it on their kids every day before they send them to school. I had heard some negative things said about the scent of this one before I ordered it, so I was pleasantly surprised when I liked it. It probably smells predominantly like patchouli, so if that smell is particularly offensive to you, you might not be a fan.

This particular blend comes in a convenient roll-on vial. In times when I really need to focus on what I’m doing, I dab this on my wrist—literally just a dab, not even “rolling”—and it’s plenty for me. It’s a really strong oil blend, so if it’s too much, you can always consider diluting it. Others have recommended putting it on the bottoms of the feet, then covering with socks and shoes.

A quick, funny testimonial about this one: Those of you who attended the webinar got to “meet” my friend, Chelsey. Well, Chelsey’s husband swears by InTune for helping his golf game! :)

The “Cleansing Blend,” and they’re not kidding. Purify smells like clean laundry to me. I’ve diffused it a few times in our house and it definitely gives the room a “just cleaned” scent. And if you actually want your laundry to smell like… clean laundry? You can add a drop of this to your detergent. We use a natural detergent that doesn’t smell like anything, so this is a good option for something like that, should you want to add a fragrance without adding synthetics. Purify can be used to make a variety of homemade cleaners as well.

The bugs are terrible in our area right now. Unfortunately, there have been a handful of times that I have forgotten to put bug spray on, and when that happens, Nora tends to get chewed on… A LOT. I saw Purify recommended with Lavender as a 1-2 punch for knocking out the itch and redness associated with bug bites. Nora has been itching really bad, and complains about her bites. Now, however, she actually requests oils when the bites itch. This morning, after I finished applying the combo (first Purify, then Lavender, by the way) to six bites she got yesterday, she said, “They don’t itch anymore!” Sweet girl. I applied oils to the bites last night, too, and a few of them were already looking substantially better this morning. I expect to see further improvement today.

doTERRA calls this the “Massage Blend,” but from what I can tell so far, it’s good for far more than that. I ordered this bottle of AromaTouch for my sister-in-law, who was having problems with Restless Leg Syndrome. For months, she had been needing sleep aids or Benadryl to get to sleep at night because her legs were bothering her so much. Out of curiosity, I looked up RLS on neweverythingessential.me (Have I shared this with you all yet? It’s my favorite essential oils resource), and found AromaTouch recommended for help with RLS. Apparently, Deep Blue can be effective, too.

Anyway, I ordered it, it arrived, I gave it to my sister-in-law. That night, she rubbed it on the areas of her legs that were “acting up,” and… peace. She slept without medication for the first time in a long time. And she’s continued having success with it since then. This is one of those results that’s still a little surprising to me. I believe in the power of essential oils and have experienced it many times myself, but this was pretty amazing.

AromaTouch is also great for relaxing muscles, soothing tissue, and calming tension… which probably explains why it’s called the “Massage Blend.” :)

Deep Blue Rub
I have had Deep Blue (the oil version) since I first started using doTERRA, so I already love it. But since I’ve been doing CrossFit, I’ve definitely had days where I have a lot of large muscle groups that are sore. I wanted an easier way to apply Deep Blue to larger areas, so I wanted to give the Deep Blue Rub a shot. It’s the same Deep Blue, but in a lotion so that it’s already diluted and ready to apply.

This little box is a box of sample packets, which are tiny, but still good for 2-3 applications, depending on how big of an area you’re applying to. I decided to go with this at first since it’s only $5, and I wanted to see if I liked it as much as the oil before buying a whole tube of it. LOVE IT. The heating/cooling action caused by the Wintergreen and Peppermint in it is so soothing for aching muscles, and I also feel like when I use it, my muscles recover more quickly, too. And it is definitely easier/less messy to apply than the oil. I’ve written before how I have also had success with Deep Blue helping with sore joints as well.

I’m definitely ordering more Deep Blue Rub!

The last item in my photo up above is a small bottle of OnGuard, which I received for free as part of doTERRA’s Product of the Month promo. I’ve written before about how it is an immunity-boosting blend. We use it in our household to make homemade hand sanitizer and shopping cart sanitizing spray, and use it on our feet and in the diffuser when we’re fighting off illness.


All in all, a great doTERRA order this month with a lot of great results and things to talk about. Still loving our oils!

Just one more quick story… Last weekend, we drove the 2.5 hours (each way) to visit Michael’s sister and her family for our nephew’s birthday. By the time we left to come home (same day), I felt SO SICK. I had a HORRIBLE headache and as we were pulling away from their house, the motion of the car was making it 10x worse. I was dreading the long ride home. I happened to have ALL of my oils with me since my sister-in-law had wanted to see/experiment with them, so while Michael was pumping gas before we left his sister’s town, I grabbed Peppermint, Lavender and Frankincense. I rubbed 1-2 drops of each across my forehead, and waited. Within five minutes, I felt better, and within 10 minutes, I felt totally normal. I was able to sit comfortably and chat with Michael like usual for the entire ride home. THANK GOODNESS.


I’m getting ready to place my September order next week, so if anyone wants to get in on that, let me know as soon as you can. As I’ve mentioned before, if you want to try essential oils, I’m completely willing to help you out by giving you the benefit of my wholesale discount and then mailing them your way. No obligations. I’ll hook you up. :)

And if you want to just talk essential oils? Questions? Email me at heatherdriveblog at yahoo dot com, because I still haven’t grown tired of talking about them. And don’t forget about the webinar that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

If you want to browse, here’s the link to my doTERRA store, but I promise that it’s better for you to email me to start because I can get you better deals. I don’t want you to pay more than you need to for oils—my primary motivation has always been to share them with people!

There does happen to be a pretty good promo going on from doTERRA this month, so there are some excellent free products to be earned for both new and existing wholesale account members. I don’t want to drone on about it here, so if you’re interested in your own account (which is free, with no obligations)—you guessed it—email me!


Check out all of my previous posts about essential oils here.

Happy Thursday!


A few months back, we were hanging out with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. Somehow, we got onto the subject of lip ties—I think because they suspected that Bryce (2 years old) has one. At the time, their pediatrician and dentist had both said it was nothing to worry about, but I had happened to read a Bower Power blog post not long before that about frenulums (lip ties) that I passed on to Marie.

Since then, Vivienne’s two top front teeth came in, and one day, as I was examining the new pearly whites, I noticed what I was pretty darn sure was a lip tie.

See how her upper lip is “tethered” to her gums with that little string of flesh? We all have it, but in “normal” mouths, this piece of flesh extends upward toward the top of the gums, not toward the teeth.

At Vivienne’s 1-year pediatrician appointment a few weeks ago, I asked about it. Our doctor took a quick look at it and dismissed it, saying it wasn’t a big deal if it wasn’t bleeding. I shrugged it off.

Then, late last week, I got a text out of the blue from Tyler and Marie saying that Bryce’s mouth had been evaluated by an otolaryngologist (ENT) and she had determined that Bryce has a Class IV lip tie (the most severe), and an “off the charts” tongue tie (meaning it was worse than the worst they typically see). The ENT said that Bryce needs to have oral surgery in order to ensure he doesn’t have any lasting problems with his teeth or speech.

Here’s Bryce’s mouth:

As you can see, the gap between Bryce’s two front teeth is pretty significant, and you can see how the tie extends down his gums, and there is a strip of thicker flesh going between his front teeth.

Upon seeing this and hearing the verdict of their evaluation, I started to get really curious about Vivienne’s again. Looking at the pics side by side, Marie and I thought that Vivienne’s might look even a little worse than Bryce’s—the fleshy tie seems to come further down between Vivienne’s teeth.

Marie told me a lot of what she’s learned so far, and I started to do some research of my own. It’s pretty amazing the research that’s out there about how these ties can affect babies. Now, I never had any nursing problems with Vivienne, which is one of the most common signs of a problem. But did you know that lip ties can cause reflux? It has to do with baby’s latch and suckling motion being off, and them ingesting more air than normal, which can cause reflux. You may remember we struggled with it (which included massive projectile vomiting) in Vivienne’s younger days.

For reference, here’s a photo of Bryce’s tongue:

This was the best Marie could do (it’s hard to get pics of the inside of little ones’ mouths, you know!), but you can see that the little piece of flesh extends up and attaches itself to the tip of his tongue. He can’t even really lift his tongue up or stick it out in order to show us the underside of it anyway, because the tie is so severe. You can even see how the tie is making the tip of his tongue slightly “heart shaped,” which is caused by the tongue being pulled back by the tie. Crazy, isn’t it?

I am amazed (AMAZED!) that Marie was able to breastfeed this child for more than a year. She did have some problems with a poor latch, and he was slow to gain weight, but their pediatrician never even mentioned or looked for the possibility of a tongue tie, much less a lip tie! Hindsight is 20/20, of course, but it’s disappointing to think about how things could’ve been easier on them back then if someone had noticed.

Here are a couple of helpful articles and blog posts I came across on the subject of babies, breastfeeding, and lip/tongue ties:

After all of this, I decided to call the ENT—same practice that saw Bryce, and the same one that put Nora’s ear tubes in—to see if they thought it would be worth having Vivienne evaluated. I called, they were willing to set up an appointment, and happened to have an opening for the next day. We went today and had the doctor take a look at Viv.

The doctor said that Vivienne’s lip tie wraps around her gums toward the inside of her mouth, which indicates a Class IV tongue tie. Having looked at lots of pics, though, I think she’s on the fence between a Class III and Class IV (in my not-so-expert opinion). He also said she has a minor, posterior tongue tie, which is basically a “hidden” tongue tie (from my research, seems to be the least problematic of tongue ties). Based on the fact that we didn’t have problems nursing, her teeth appear to be relatively unaffected, and she has no problems eating or drinking, he said there is no action necessary at this time. Basically, we watch it as she grows and see if anything changes.

We saw a different doctor in the practice than Bryce did, and I actually wonder if the conclusion would’ve been different if we had seen the same one he did. I’m happy with the “diagnosis” and recommendation to wait things out, as I’m in no hurry to put my baby under anesthesia for something that, at this point, is… cosmetic? I’m not even sure how to classify it. But one thing I’ve learned from searching and reading and seeing moms talk about their experiences with lip and tongue ties is that there are many, many doctors—pediatricians, dentists, ENTs, you name it—who miss the opportunity to diagnose these problems. Whether they are uneducated or uninformed, or if they just don’t fully understand the impact they can have, I’m not sure.

Anyway, Bryce is scheduled for surgery in October, and it’s not an easy decision for Tyler and Marie to make. The ENT said it needs to be corrected because of his teeth and speech, but even so, they are second guessing themselves and considering a second opinion.

And we’re waiting it out.

As a mom, now I just want to encourage other moms to take a gander inside of their babies’ mouths. If you’re having trouble nursing, if your baby is extremely irritable, if there are issues with reflux… check out baby’s upper lip and under his or her tongue. If something doesn’t look right, ask about it. And if you don’t get the guidance you’re looking for, find a different doctor to ask. Follow your instinct. Listen to your gut. I’ve already seen a lot of stories out there about moms who advocated for themselves and their babies and once the tie(s) were corrected, they saw improvement.

Are there any moms out there with experience with tongue and/or lip ties? Were your kids diagnosed in infancy, or not until they were older? Did the diagnosis come easily or was it a bit of a battle? How did you come to your decision to do the revision, or leave it be?


In Vivienne’s ladybug 1st birthday party post, I promised a quick post giving an overview of how I constructed the cake and pretzels. I’m making good on that promise before I forget!

I drew tons of inspiration from doing a search for “ladybug cake” on Google Images. I knew early on that I wanted to do something 3D, and since I had a bit of experience making rounded cakes (thanks to this fire helmet cake I did a few years ago), I felt pretty confident I could tackle this one.

Here’s how it turned out:

In determining how to bake the cakes and piece this guy (gal?) together, I took out a bunch of cake pans and glass bowls and did my best to stack them and estimate size and proportions. I ended up settling on a 1-quart Pyrex glass mixing bowl, a 9″ round cake pan, and a 2-cup round Pyrex glass container (normally used for food storage). Note: I also made a 6″ round to use for my smash cake.

After Googling the crap out of “baking cakes in Pyrex glass bowls” to refresh my memory (I could not for the life of me remember exactly how I did it to make the fire helmet cake), I got to work.

To make all of these cakes, I made three batches of cake using this recipe (but you could make whatever cake recipe you’d like). I filled all bowls/pans about 2/3 of the way full, like you would with any normal cake pan. With the big 1-quart Pyrex mixing bowl, I took a cue from people on the internet and added my Wilton flower nail, inserting it into the top of the batter. Having the piece of metal in the middle supposedly helps the middle of the cake bake more evenly. In the process, my cake-in-a-bowl ended up baking up over the flower nail, so it remained inside of the cake until I was cutting it at the party—just FYI.

While the cakes in the 9″ and 6″ cake pans baked like normal (obviously)—and the one in the small 2-cup round Pyrex dish baked within a reasonable amount of time as well—the cake in the 1-quart Pyrex glass mixing bowl ended up taking well over an hour to be done. To bake that cake, I also took more advice from the internet and dropped the oven temperature down 25 to 50 degrees. You want to bake it slower since you need the middle to be done without completely frying the outside edges. It’s a delicate balance. After about 45 minutes of baking, I checked the cake every 10 minutes, then once we were past an hour, I checked it every 5 minutes. I knew the cake was finally done when the top stopped “jiggling” every time I rattled the oven rack, and when the top of the cake sprung back upon my pressing it gently. It did end up being slightly crispy on the outside edges, but it wasn’t a detriment. It was still really good cake!

Side note: Icing. I made all of my buttercream icing in advance. Deciding how much frosting I need to make—and how much I need of each color—is by far the most stressful part of cake baking for me. I once had an incident (with my fire truck cake) when I was thisclose to running out of red icing, and it gave me heart palpitations. Back then, I ended up making it work by adding a strip of gray across the top of the truck (and making it wider than I originally planned), but since then, I’ve tended to be overly cautious about the amount of icing needed. So… with this big ladybug cake and the smash cake? I ended up making FOUR batches of Wilton buttercream. It was a lot, and I ended up having a pretty decent amount leftover (red, particularly), but I regret nothing. Because you DO NOT want to run out of colored icing in the middle of decorating a cake. The chances of you matching the exact color again? Slim!

Anyway, I digress.

After the cakes all cooled, it was time to put the pieces together and start decorating. Now, I don’t have any pictures of this process, so you’ll have to bear with my (continued) wordy descriptions.

First? The easy part. I placed the 9″ round cake on my platter, then smothered the top of it with thinned out buttercream icing (white). I then stacked my 1-quart Pyrex bowl cake on top of it. From there, I took my 2-cup Pyrex bowl cake and positioned it on the front of the body to make the head. Here, I had to do a tiny bit of carving, just cutting off a little bit of the side of the cake closest to the body in order for the head (which I had positioned sort of at an angle) to sit flush against the body. Once I had a good fit, I “glued” the head onto the body with more buttercream, then used cake dowels to secure it even further. I stuck four dowels through the head and into the body at various angles.

From there, it was pretty simple cake decorating. I started by giving the entire thing a crumb coat—a really thin coat of icing; you can typically still see the cake through the icing, it’s that thin. The ladybug body in red, the head in black. Then, I used a small round cookie cutter to “trace” the spots in the crumb coat on the body. You could use any appropriately sized round object for this, but obviously a cookie cutter makes it easy. I pressed it into the cake with enough pressure to leave marks, making the pattern of the spot all over the body.

I then used one of my Wilton round tips to divide the body in half, making the line you see down the ladybug’s back. I swapped that tip out for a star tip and got to work filling in the spots and covering the ladybug’s head. Before completely covering the head, I paused to make the face. I traced spots for the eyes, then spread some white icing over them. Then I took my pink icing—which I unintentionally made a darker shade of pink than I meant to, oh well!—and drew the mouth and “eyebrows” on with a piping bag and a round tip. After that, I continued piping my black stars around it, filling in the entire head.

Finally, I fit a piping bag with another star tip, filled it with red icing, and covered the body, working around my black spots. It’s tedious to do a cake this way, but it goes relatively quickly, and I like the way it looks when it’s done.

As finishing touches, I used black pipe cleaners for the antennae, and wrote out “Happy Birthday Vivienne” in white buttercream. I didn’t thin it out enough, so I had a little trouble writing with it—that’s why it didn’t turn out as neat as I would’ve liked. But I was too tired to try to wipe the whole thing clean, thin the icing, refill the bag, and do it over again, so… I didn’t. :)

I did all of the decorating the night before the party, then stored my huge cake in the oven (which—I’ll state the obvious—was NOT on) overnight. I will typically do this with oversized cakes, just to “cover” them somewhat and get them out of the way. Also, it’s obviously not totally air tight, but it’s better than just being out in the room. It works well.

So that’s the cake. Let’s move on to the pretzels, shall we? These were a lot less complicated!

I first saw these on Pinterest, and even after clicking through a couple of different pins, I found that nothing took me to actual instructions. I didn’t really need them, as they are just dipped in candy melts, but I figured I’d still type up a quick tutorial here in case anyone is looking for a little guidance. Again, no photos—I only have two hands in the kitchen, and they’re usually covered in food. It doesn’t lend itself well to photography, and I don’t have the patience to stop what I’m doing every couple of minutes to take pics!

I bought big sourdough pretzel twists for the job, which ended up being a good size. I started with the red candy melts, as the surface area it covers is much larger than the black. I melted the candy melts (Wilton) according to package instructions, then stirred it really, really well to get it smooth. Holding onto the bottom of the pretzel (the area that is black in the finished ones pictured above), I held the pretzel over my candy melt bowl and spooned the melted candy over the pretzel. I found this worked better than dipping since I didn’t end up with as much excess on the pretzel. Once covered, I shook off any excess and then placed on a sheet of wax paper to dry.

Once the red part was dry, I got to work on the black for the head. Now, one thing that was a little frustrating was that when trying to dip the other side of the pretzel, I had to hold onto the red part—and the little bit of body heat from my fingertips caused the candy to smudge. It doesn’t take much heat to melt it! So after one or two of them, I caught on to this and used a rubber oven mitt thingy to hold onto the pretzels instead. Problem solved.

Again, I used the spoon method for the black, making sure to cover any remaining pretzel spots. Then, back onto the wax paper they went. While I waited for the black to set, I put my remaining black candy (already melted) into a plastic squeeze bottle and used it to draw on the black spots. By the time I was done with that, the heads were dry enough for me to add eyes.

You could use white candy melts (or melted white chocolate chips, even) to make the eyes, but I used royal icing instead. This is because I already had it on hand to make the cookies (you can see them in this post), so it was easiest for me to not have to melt another color. I used a toothpick to dab little blobs of icing onto the pretzels, and I was done.

I let the pretzels fully set on the wax paper overnight, then stored in an airtight container (with wax paper between the stacked layers of pretzels) until party day. FYI—I made these on Tuesday or Wednesday night, and the party was on Saturday. They held up well.

I hope all of this helps. I also tried to link to relevant things within this post. Feel free to ask me any questions about the cake or pretzels. Enjoy!


Well, hello there.

I rarely come to you on a Sunday afternoon, but I want to tell you quickly about something cool a few friends and I are organizing for this week. We’ve all been fielding a lot of questions and talking to many people in our lives—both in person and virtually—about the power of essential oils. When you’re new to them, they can be a bit overwhelming.

What exactly are essential oils?

What do the different essential oils do? What can they be used for?

How do I know how to use them?

What’s the deal with doTERRA?

These are just a few of the questions that I know I was asking, and have heard from others, too.

SO. We’re organizing a live webinar and subsequent Facebook chat/Q&A for those who are interested in learning about essential oils. And I’m inviting all of you!

The webinar will provide information about essential oils, the uses and benefits of the oils, and testimonials. There will be opportunities to ask questions, interact and engage with oil enthusiasts, and we also plan to have a few giveaways as well. And there’s a good chance you’ll catch a live glimpse of me in my pajamas (comedy gold)… and hopefully with a glass of wine, because NERVES. I hate being on camera.

I encourage you to join us. If you’re interested in attending, please shoot me a note at heatherdriveblog at yahoo dot com or leave me a comment/message on the Heather Drive Facebook page, and I will hook you up with a link to the official invitation to the event.

(Note: I originally had a typo in the date in the graphic above—it’s the 27th, not the 17th! Whoops. It’s corrected now. In any case it’s THIS Wednesday!)


You guys: I started doing CrossFit.

I’ll pause for a second while you laugh. Or pick up your jaw from the floor. Or applaud or something, I don’t know. :)

I’ve posted a few times about how difficult it has been for me to work regular exercise into my life since having children. I’ve tried (and failed miserably) a few times to get into the Couch to 5K program. But the thing is? I really kind of hate running, and always have. Exercising is hard enough as it is, so when you’re doing something you don’t even like? It’s that much harder. I just couldn’t stick with it.

Michael started doing CrossFit in April 2013. I remember it well, because he started going right after my bout with appendicitis. So here I was, pregnant and tremendously weakened from lying in bed almost 24/7 for nearly three weeks, and he was busting his ass at CrossFit. I got back into walking by the end of my pregnancy, and then… I had a baby.

I know there are women out there who manage to strike a balance between kids and work and exercise, but I have never been one of them. And in that first year after a baby? Life is hectic. I tried again this last spring to start a walking/running routine, and then began Couch to 5K again, but once again, I crapped out with it. There was no schedule to follow, no money on the line. It was easy to quit when things got busy, so I did.

My friend, Julie, has been trying to get me on board with CrossFit since I was pregnant with Vivienne. She tried and fell in love with it, completely changed her body and made herself into a crazy athlete, and she was determined to get me there, too. For so long, I laughed and laughed at her whenever she would mention it to me. I’d roll my eyes. And Michael, well, he never pressured me to try CrossFit.

But in recent months, as we were closing in on Vivienne’s birthday, I knew I wanted to make it a priority to figure out some kind of fitness routine for myself. Running wasn’t working. I didn’t want to go back to my old step and kickboxing classes that I used to do pre-kids, because I needed something that didn’t have a super fixed schedule. And I sure as hell didn’t want to join a regular ol’ gym. CrossFit crept further and further into my mind, and then one day, I emailed the owner of the CrossFit “box” that Michael and Julie go to. I started asking questions. And then… I went.

I went to my first beginners’ session, then another, and another. Then I had a few training sessions one-on-one with one of the coaches. And this morning? I was officially released into the wild. I went to my first “real” CrossFit class and completed my first real WOD (that’s workout-of-the-day, for those not in the know). And I liked it.

It’s been three weeks now, I guess, and I’ve been going three times per week. The whole thing has been rather humbling. I mean, I knew I was in awful shape, but it’s a different story to really FEEL it. The first week and a half, I felt like I could barely move because I was so sore. And honestly, I’m feeling it today, too, after that WOD this morning. I’m sure I’ll be feeling it for quite some time, as I teach my muscles to do new things and work in a way that they haven’t worked in more than four years (or maybe ever).

So far, I like CrossFit because it’s always different. Each warm-up + workout takes about an hour, and it FLIES by. It’s a lot of legs and shoulders and core—all of which are really important, obviously. I have always had a really weak upper body, so I’m curious to see how I improve over time. I think I’m going to snap some “before” pics of myself (even though I’m a few weeks into it already), and see how things compare after several months. If the results are good, perhaps I’ll share them some day. :)

I think this is something I’ll be able to keep up. That’s largely due to my flexible schedule with my current job, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. I’ve been able to go to CrossFit classes in the morning or late afternoon, skipping lunch or working additional hours at night after the girls are in bed. It truly makes all the difference in the world.

I might be a CrossFit convert. But burpees? They are the devil. :)

Any fellow CrossFitters out there?